How To Check Transmission Fluid On Ford F150?


To check the transmission fluid on a Ford F150, make sure your vehicle is parked on a level surface and pull out the dipstick located on the left side of the engine bay.

Look at both the color and consistency of the fluid.

It should be either “full” or “max”.

If it doesn’t reach this line, use a funnel to refill the transmission with fluid.

How often should I check the transmission fluid on my Ford F150?

It is recommended to check the transmission fluid level on your Ford F150 every month using the dipstick.

The frequency of changing the transmission fluid varies depending on the driver and vehicle, but it is generally suggested to change it once every 30,000 to 60,000 miles or once every two to four years.

However, you should consult your owner’s manual for specific recommendations.

What type of transmission fluid is recommended for a Ford F150?

The type of transmission fluid recommended for a Ford F150 depends on the model year and engine type.

For example, Motorcraft MERCON LV Automatic Transmission Fluid is recommended for some models, while Castrol Transmax Dexron VI/Mercon LV Automatic Transmission Fluid is recommended for others.

Other options include Castrol 03520C TRANSMAX DEX/MERC ATF and Mobil 1 Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid.

It’s important to check your owner’s manual to determine the correct type of transmission fluid for your specific vehicle.

Is it normal for the transmission fluid to be discolored or have a burnt smell on a Ford F-150?

Discolored or burnt-smelling transmission fluid is not normal and may indicate a problem with the vehicle’s transmission.

Healthy transmission fluid should be clear or pink in color.

Can checking the transmission fluid level be done while the Ford F-150 engine is running?

No, you should only check the transmission fluid level on a Ford F-150 when the engine is at normal operating temperature.

It is not recommended to check it while the engine is running.

What are the potential consequences of driving with low or dirty transmission fluid in a Ford F150?

Driving with low or dirty transmission fluid in a Ford F150 can cause permanent damage to the car’s transmission, leading to costly repairs, rebuilds or replacements.

Signs of low transmission fluid include noises, foaming, and leaks.

If the transmission oil level is too high, it could submerge the gears and cause issues.

Failure to top up the fluid is a hazard that might cause extreme damage to the transmission, engine, and essential components that keep the car running.

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