How To Order Ford F150 Lightning?


To order a Ford F-150 Lightning, you can contact your local dealer.

You can also reserve one online through a dealership’s website.

However, there may be delays in delivery due to high demand.

What are the available trims and features for the Ford F-150 Lightning?

The Ford F-150 Lightning is available in four different trims: PRO, XLT, LARIAT and PLATINUM.

All models come with fixed running boards, but the Lariat and Platinum have retractable running boards and a power tailgate available as options.

How long does it typically take for a Ford F-150 Lightning to be delivered after ordering?

The delivery time for a Ford F-150 Lightning can vary depending on the location and order date.

According to some sources, it can take around 3-5 months from the completed order date.

Other sources suggest that it takes roughly 42 days from “blend date” to “at dealer”, or 6 weeks from build day to delivery in Alaska.

However, Ford has already delivered electric F-150 Lightnings to customers in all 50 U.S.

states within two months of its release.

Is there a deposit required when reserving a Ford F-150 Lightning online?

Yes, a refundable $100 deposit is required to reserve an F-150 Lightning online.

The deposit can be refunded if the reservation is cancelled.

Can I customize my Ford F-150 Lightning when placing an order, or do I have to choose from pre-set packages?

Customers can customize their Ford F-150 Lightning when placing an order, as they are able to create their own customized vehicle from the roof down.

They can also reserve their F-150 Lightning by submitting a refundable $100 deposit.

Prices for the Extended Range Battery version start at an MSRP of $72,474, and Ford has recently increased prices by $6-8.5 thousand.

However, there is currently high demand for the F-150 Lightning and Ford is struggling to meet it.

Are there interest-free financing or leasing options available when purchasing a Ford F-150 Lightning?

Yes, there are interest-free financing options available when purchasing a Ford F-150 Lightning.

Ford Options is an alternative way to purchase the vehicle that offers retail balloon finance.

There are also lease deals and financing options available at various dealerships.

You can use a car payment calculator to determine monthly payments for the vehicle.

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