How To Remove Ford F150 Bed Cover?


To remove a tri-fold tonneau cover from a Ford F150, flip it all the way towards the cab and then lift it off.

What are some common tools required to remove the Ford F150 bed cover?

Common tools required to remove a Ford F150 bed cover include a screwdriver, C-wrench, and safety goggles.

However, some tonneau covers do not require any tools to remove.

Is it necessary to remove the tailgate of the Ford F150 before taking off the bed cover?

Yes, it is necessary to remove the tailgate of the Ford F150 before taking off the bed cover.

This is because the last panel of the cover needs to be unlatched and this can only be done with an open tailgate.

Additionally, removing the tailgate helps protect it from damage when using a truck camper.

The cover should then be lifted off by 2-4 people and placed on a stand or saw horses.

Finally, cargo should always be properly secured to prevent shifting or falling from the vehicle.

How can one properly clean and maintain their Ford F150 bed cover for longevity?

To properly clean and maintain a Ford F150 bed cover for longevity, you should:’

  • Clean the cover regularly with mild soap and water
  • Use a cleaner and UV protectant to treat the cover periodically
  • Check the drains and clear out any debris after washing
  • Rub cleaner into the surface with a soft brush or sponge before scrubbing lightly to loosen up staining

Are there any safety precautions that should be taken when removing the Ford F150 bed cover?

It is recommended to remove the tonneau cover before going through a car wash that uses spinning brushes.

When removing the Ford F150 bed cover, follow the instructions provided in the owner’s manual.

Can the same Ford F-150 method be used to remove bed covers from other types of trucks or are there specific instructions for each type?

Tonneau covers are not universal and are designed with specific measurements for each type of truck make and manufacturer.

While the Ford F-150 method may work for some other types of trucks, there may be specific instructions for each type.

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